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I write stories for children, I paint water-colour pictures or make black-and-white drawings to illustrate them with, I lay them out and design them as books, then get them printed for children and their parents to enjoy! That's been my main love and joy since making my first book Toonsy and Mirley – a Story of two Squirrels that was first published in Hebrew in 2012. I have since created and published 13 more books and there are many more in the making… Toonsy and Mirley will soon be published in English on Amazon – to stay updated, please Write To Me or VISIT my Facebook page.

Toonsy and Mirley - A Story of Two Squirrels 

Toonsy and Mirley - 

A Story of Two Squirrels who meet, become friends, have adventures together and finally have a family.

NOW AVAILABLE in English on Amazon

Translated by myself with the kind & excellent editorial input of children's author Mr. Reg Down, author of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and other works - www.tiptoes-lightly.net

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Toonsy and Mirley - A Story of Two Squirrels

More Children's Books in English I'm Working on  

"The Purple Gnome's Journey"

 A story for children about a little purple gnome who goes out on a journey and reaches the Moon. This story tells children about the story of the colours and their creation between light and darkness - in an  imaginative, creative way.

I have already translated and illustrated this book and am working on its layout. 

For a Preview of the Paintings in the Book See HERE.  

My Lullaby Project

Listen to me singing a Russian Lullaby (translated by me)

For More Lullaby Samples Click on the Picture

 More Books for Children ages 7 - 10 

The Water Turtle and the Bush Turtle -

A story about a little water turtle and a little tortoise who meet and become the best of friends after the water turtle rescues his friend from drowning. 

As yet unavailable in English. I hope to publish this story in English on Amazon in the not too far future.  

The Adventures of the Children

from Misty Village

An adventure story about the children from Misty Village. 9 exciting chapters for children who love adventures. 3 year old Nicky disappears into a mist-filled hole and gets rescued. 7 year old Attara gets caught up in the sea-queen's spell in the floating cave and her friends try to save her but get caught in the spell themselves, until the sea-birds call the sea-king who comes to their rescue. The children adopt a pair of baby orphan storks, who end up showing the girls the way when they get lost in the dark forest filled with thick fog. And then... 5 exciting chapters about the witch pyrannah and how the children manage to pursue her and drive her finally out of Misty Village so she stops eating up the rainbows on which little babies come into the village....    

As yet unavailable in English. I hope to publish this story in English on Amazon in future.  

 Booklets for Creative Music Teaching 

The Princess in the Enchanted Castle -

a booklet for teaching the Pentatonic Recorder to children in classes 1 & 2 with help of a story, pictures and songs.

(As yet unavailable in English. I hope to publish this story in English on Amazon in future).